You Are Important

Life throws many challenges our way.  It's a learning process dealing with what comes along, but some life events can leave us so stressed, drained and lacking the resources to cope, that we need help to restore our personal balance and peace of mind.

You may feel that it would help to talk to someone who is trained to help you explore your pain, help you to verbalise and release those trapped, deep feelings and help you confront your personal issues at a pace that is right, so you can move on with a new perspective.

Sometimes sharing your problems with friends, colleagues or relatives can make things worse.  Some things are too personal, even for them; in fact they may even be the cause of your problems or you may not want to worry those close to you.  Bereavement, grief and trauma come along - sometimes when you least expect it, and at times you may feel unable to cope. Talking to an independent person who is trained to help you through your troubled times without judging you, or putting more pressure on, can be a life saver...

Of course, it's only human to have feelings.  But powerful or trapped emotions or buried difficult memories can stop you dealing with issues now, and hold you in their grip making it hard to get off the road you've been travelling, even if you feel it is completely the right one.

Talking to our qualified and experienced Counsellor, Claire, will help you feel better about yourself, release you to get on with your life, and take a new direction.

Take the time to care for yourself - You Are Important