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Feel you have been stuck in second gear?
Is life getting in the way of your enjoyment of life?
Struggling with anger – fear – grief or anything else?

Many people struggle with things – and often put up with these struggles for many years. But why?

Would you take your car and drive to places only using first gear?

Sharing your issues with friends, colleagues or relatives doesn't always help. Some things are too personal for them; in fact they may even contribute to your problems or you may not want to worry or bother those closest to you.

Talking to an independent person who is skilled to help you without judging you, or putting more pressure on you, can be a lifesaver. Claire is a naturally empathic counsellor. She helps clients feel they can be real, and share, and often let go. Claire helps them to explore their thoughts, feelings, and motivations within their personal struggles and relationships. Claire is intuitive and can help clients explore in-depth their beliefs, thoughts and unspoken fears and expectations of life.

It is only human to have feelings. But powerful or trapped emotions or buried difficult memories can stop you dealing with issues now, and hold you in their grip making it hard to get off the road you've been travelling, even if you feel it is completely the right one.

Prioritise yourself - You Are Important